Welcome one and all…

Yeah, I failed with that title!

but, anyways welcome to ‘Coastal Dolls!!!’!

I can’t wait to get started on this *rubs hands together eagerly*

and if you haven’t guessed already I am Sophia!

this blog is going to be based around my crazily amazing doll family; which consists of my 10 American Girl dolls…

My AG dolls are; Saige (goty 2013), Kit (historical 1934), Isabelle (goty 2014), Grace (goty 2015), Cody (custom boy), Caroline (beforever 1812), Tyler (custom boy), Juliette (my re-named Julie doll), Brooklyn (TM 37) and Quinn (unknown)

and that is my crazy doll family (at least for the moment)!

Stay tuned to see what adventures we’ll have together!

– Lucky (Sophia)



Right, time to start being active!

Sorry this took so long but I’ve just been enjoying what little Summer there is in England.

It’s now technically counted at Autumn/Fall in England.

So some news, I’m going on a 10 day holiday to America!!! In 11 days, it’ll be a bit of a road trip!

We’ll be flying to Boston for a few days then heading to New York for a few days and then we’re going to SALEM!!!

idk why I really want to go to Salem so bad, I think it’s because I’m fascinated by the Witch Trials that happened in 1692!

And I’m going to The AG Place New York!!!!

My sister has already decided she’s buying Nanea!

Me on the other hand I’m uncertain (Gabriela, Logan, 64 = TO MANY CHOICES, BUT I THINK I’LL KNOW WHICH DOLL TO GET WHEN I SEE THEM!)


Also again sorry, for not posting!

I’ll be taking tons of photos and possibly vlogging most of the trip!

But anyways,

Peace to the world;



You’ll get a proper post soon!

Hey guys, so I am finally on summer holidays on Thursday!!!!!!!

I can’t wait!

I have so many plans!

And in November I might be going to New York!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has literally been my dream to go there for ages.

So… I’m sorry for the rant but lets get this started!


Cody’s fifteen now!!! (and don’t tell him I said this but he’s got a girlfriend) mwuahahahah.


a picture of Juliette and my new doll Hope (my sister gave her to me)!!!


These guys are BFFs now!!! Oh, look it’s Cody’s GF there, “Hi Cherry!”                                


I love embarrassing Cody if you haven’t noticed!!! *evil snickering*

So, I’ve now got 290 followers on Instagram!!!!!!

I’ve only been on it for 5 months!

I’m so excited to post again soon!!

I went bowling this afternoon with my friends; Hannah, Ella, Rosie and Sanjna!

and it was my second time bowling!

I got a strike and a spare! AND THEN THE UNEXPECTED HAPPENED I WON!!

I BEAT THEM ALL Although in my opinion we are all winners!




my decision…

Hey guys,

I’ve decided it is time I come back to the blogosphere!

I am moving to Paris for 6 months and then I’m off to Australia in Jan/Feb!

So you’ll be seeing a lot more of me now because Summer is approaching!!!

Can’t wait to start blogging again!

see you then!

Peace to the world;




Goodbye to everybody!

I’m not to keen on dolls anymore.

And I met be selling some of my dolls.

I’ll start a Harry Potter blog though and occasionally still post on here.

But for now this is goodbye.

Signing off for a while.

Peace to the world;


Nothing much happened on Saturday!

Hey guys,

So its fandom Wednesday Thursday!

Sorry for not posting on Saturday

Nothing too interesting happened anyway!

Right so before we start I have a bit of a rant!

Dont you just love it when your teacher spells something wrong; particularly something easy to spell? (rhetorical question)

And since I’m in top set for English this really irritated me!

Anyway, back to the point!

Todays theme is Keeper of the Lost Cities!

Not many people I know have heard of it, which really upsets me because it’s such a brilliant series!

And well, I hate how under appreciated it is

And no, I’m not advertising this book…


I love this series so much that words can’t tell how much I love following along the adventures of Sophie Foster and her friends!

You guys should totally check it out…

Here’s Shannon Messenger (the author)’s blog

and here’s a link on amazon to get the first book in the series

And yeah, so I hope to catch you guys on Saturday!

By the way, guys give me some ideas for next Fandom Wednesday’s topic!

Have a great Friday rest of your week!

Peace to the world;

– Lucky